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Our Company

The primary vision behind Poultice Solutions is crafting a professional grade product engineered to tackle the equine industry’s most common and overlooked problems. The knowledge we bring to the poultice we offer is the culmination of over 60 years experience in the highly competitive thoroughbred industry, and we’re raising the bar of expectation for the common poultice products of today.


Our approach to equine care is an unparalleled. We deliver a poultice product developed to meet the performance demands of competition, ensuring horses the best possible care to maintain their health and competitive edge. This in turn provides trainers an added advantage of reaching their goals by providing tools to manage athletic injuries.


All of our products are rigorously tested within our own stable and a handful of carefully selected training and rehabilitation facilities. The performance optimized product we provide separates Poultice Solutions from any of our competitors, as shown by our abundance of satisfied testimonials.

Our Poultice

Kinetic Recovery poultice is our original poultice. Two generations of equine knowledge have been poured into crafting this impeccable blend- it is built around the principles of reducing inflammation while promoting soft tissue restoration.


The fundamental factor in horse training regardless of discipline is maintaining optimal leg condition. The truth is, the body is not designed to keep up with the demands of a rigorous training schedule- it needs additional assistance. The joints, tendons, and ligaments are in a perpetual state of distress during conditioning and competition- they are constantly tearing and rebuilding to reach their optimal level of performance and strength. This tedious balance leaves horses vulnerable to injury.


While inflammation is the body's natural defense mechanism and response for managing an injury, it can become a hindering factor when recovery time is compromised. Removing the inflammatory response allows the body to immediately get back to work, especially when that is combined with an accelerated healing ability.


Our approach to formulating poultice centers around focusing on the fundamentals in equine physiological responses. The principal factors of how a horses body responds under stress then introducing the necessary catalysts to counter for the optimal relief and recovery.


Our proprietary formula serves three functions:

•    Inhibit inflammatory response

•    Promote soft tissue restoration

•    Retighten to optimal condition and function


Combining these three principals is what poises our product to exceed the expectation in performance care and injury management.

Ingredient Functions

Hydrous aluminum silicate

Naturally cooling clay. Soothes affected areas. Aids in tightening. Allows for easy application.


Epsom salt

Magnesium ensures proper muscle, ligament, nerve and enzyme functions, assists cells in properly using calcium, reduces inflammation, relieves pain. The body uses sulfates to stimulate the pancreas, flush toxins, and aids joint condition.


Alum powder

Tightening agent. A highly effective astringent used to shrink tissues.


Isopropyl alcohol

Pain reliever. Antiseptic. Cools overworked muscles. Dilates capillaries to increase blood flow. Reduces arthritis symptoms. 


Distilled white vinegar

Draws out soreness. Promotes healing.


DMSO is a anti inflammatory, antioxidant that when used topically decreases pain and speeds the healing of wounds, burns, and muscle injuries. Inhibits free radicals from collecting around the site of an injury. Draws out the inflammation and functions as an effective vehicle for delivering compounds deeper to the primary site of injury.


Aloe Vera

Cooling aid.


Filtered water

Water functions to dilute the strong potency of the principal ingredients to safe a non-irritating level for the comfort of the horse as well as add a hydrating element for the skin.

The Process

The superior results this poultice has proven to illicit is made possible due to the synergy of each ingredient working together. Upon application, our unique DMSO additive infused with our proprietary poultice targets and neutralizes the source of inflammation while simultaneously being a carrier for the active ingredients through the skin, thereby permitting a more effective result to take place closer to the source of injury. Alcohol dilates capillaries to maximize blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery. Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate) restore function to joints, ligaments, and tendons whilst rendering much-welcomed pain relief from strains and bruising. Vinegar soothes muscular soreness by drawing out swelling and removing excess “heat” from the limb. Alum powder and clay combine to harden over the next few hours to form an exterior shell, tightening around the limb to deliver it back to it's optimal condition.

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